The International Pharmaceutical Industry Exhibition
The International Bio-technology Conference & Expo

November 14-16, 2024
Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center
Laboratory Equipments

Fermentors, cell culture equipment,bioreactors, cell reactors, enzyme reactors, saccharification equipment,culture media, filtration and separation, extraction and purification, drying,stirring, mixing, grinding, sanitary fluid equipment, environmental protectiontechnology and equipment.


Microbiology services, molecular biologyservices, cell biology services, stem cell technology services, biochipservices, laboratory animal services, overall new drug R&D outsourcingservices, immunology services, overall experimental outsourcing services, andother services.

Biotechnology Services
Analysis and Detection

Chromatography, gas phase, spectroscopy,spectrum, mass spectrometry, optics, weighing instruments, microscopes andoptical image processing instruments and equipment, biochemical instruments,life sciences and microbiological testing instruments, laboratory animal facilities,etc.

Engineering  Equipment
Analytical Testing

Microbial strains, culture and incubationequipment, culture media, flux screening equipment, separation and purificationsystems, biological imaging systems, cell culture systems, bioreactors,GLP/GMP, biochips, laboratory environmental equipment, laboratory informationmanagement systems, etc.

Laboratory Equipment
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