The International Pharmaceutical Industry Exhibition
The International Bio-technology Conference & Expo

November 14-16, 2024
Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center

International Pharmaceutical Industry Exhibition 2024

Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center

ADD: No.1 Zhancheng Road, Fuhai Street, Bao'an District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China

Time:November 14-16, 2024

Exhibition area: 400,000+㎡

Exhibitors: 5,000+

Visitors: 500,000+

Professional Platform To Achieve Professional Brand

    Good policy continued to launch, to create trillion biological industry.

In recent year, modern biotechnology, represented by genetic engineering, cell engineering and enzyme engineering, has witnessed explosive development, even though it is now in the opening phase of the large scale industrialization of biomedical technology. It is expected to run into the period of rapid growth and gradually dominate the world's economy after 2020. With policies strongly supported from China, Domestic bio-pharmaceutical industry will be the most promising pharmaceutica industry in investment with its turnover reaching 326.9 billion yuan in 2021.

Meanwhile, with the development of biotechnology and medicine industry, as well as increasing application of biological products, analysis testing technology plays a very important role and also demand for diversification.

There is a tremendous market space in southern China and a good time for industrial distribution.

As one of the most developed regions in China, Pearl River Delta becomes one of the most important he industry aggregative zone in China. At the same time, Guangdong Province, located in southern gateway of China, not only makes import contributions to the global economy growth and support it in economic aggregate, but also ranks the forefront of the whole nation in the biopharmaceutical industry. During the "Twelfth Five-year Plan”period, biological medicine industry in Guangdong Province, maintained a rapid growth rate with 12%.

Make the platform to realize the industrial connection and facilitate rapid development for enterprises.

The exhibition aiming to building an efficient platform so that it could enlarge the scope of development for the trades and enterprises, creating development opportunities, establish a brand image and build an efficient platform. Many professional organizations both at home and abroad, such as International Association for Promotion of Science and Technology, Medicine and Biology Association, Bio-industry Association, Society for Microbiology, Society for Cell, Guangdong Biological Medicine Industry Bases, work together and offered efforts with the help and arrangement of this Expo. Guangzhou International Biopharmaceutical Technology and Analysis Testing Exhibition, whch will be held again in China Import and Export Fair Complex on Aug.30-Sept.1, 2019, is estimated to have over 200 leading enterprises with celebrity rating in industry from 15 countries and will invite experts from the United States, Germany,France, The united Kingdow, Japan and Taiwan in the field of biopharmaceutical

technology. Concurrently held a number of International High-end conferences, the expo will in carry on its efforts in helping biopharmaceutical technology industries gather and focus on.

There will be well-known enterprises to participate with exhibit meeting contents abounded greatly.

The expo will attracted 200 outstanding enterprises, whose exhibits will be biopharmaceutical equipment, instrument and apparatus, analysis testings, and raw material of biopharmaceuticals, inlcuding GE Life Science, Sartorius, Thermo, Bifinger, Applitech, Infors, Chieftain, Qirui, Bailun, Baoxing, Beyond, JNBIO, Growth, OSTC, Taiwan Dingyang, Make Reseach Easy, Huazhi Instrument, NEST, Union-Biotech, Shenhua Bio-technique,Cells, Jiersen, Labonce, Herexi, Baoding Lead Fluid, Beijing Land Bridge, Aobox, Bontac, and Novozymes.

The expo is concurrently held with a number of high-end conferences and technical seminars, including International Biopharmaceutical Innovation and Industrial Transformation Conference, Biopharmaceutical Isolation and Purification Technology Seminars and Training Course and Biosimilars Forum.

Our Superiorities

The State Support

We received the guidance and support from the Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China and the Guangdong Provincial Science and Technology Department.

Regional Advantages

Guangdong Province as an important base for the development of bio-industry, has a good business foundation and policy advantages, and the country and overseas areas have a strong radiation capacity.

Institutional support

The exhibition has won the support of industry authorities, including: China Bioengineering Society, Guangdong Biotechnology Industry Promotion Association, China Biomedical Technology Association, China Cytology Society, Guangdong Health Food Industry Association, Yunnan Health Food Industry Association and many other Industry organization.

High Quality Buyers

1,Through more than 200 domestic and foreign embassies and industry associations to invite quality buyers;

2, We in more than 200 media advertising, to expand the influence of the show;

3, We have 600,000 global buyers database;

4, Professional Call Center team, annual audience invitation;

5,We each year to participate in a number of foreign and domestic exhibitions, to expand the buyer invitation channels;

6, We have 20 years of mature experience in the exhibition.

High-end Meetings and Forums

We invited the government officials, industry experts, well-known entrepreneurs came to the Fair, for everyone to enjoy the wonderful sharing, including: bio-fermentation industry leaders, South China University of Technology Zhao Mouming academician, China Food and Fermentation Industry Research Institute Song Cunhou Dean, Chairman Yang Rongming, chairman of the Livzon Group Zhu Baoguo and so on.

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