The International Pharmaceutical Industry Exhibition
The International Bio-technology Conference & Expo

November 14-16, 2024
Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center

Zhenwei Exhibition Group (stock code:834316) owns seven branch companies: Tianjin Zhenwei, Beijing Zhenwei, Guangzhou Zhenwei, Xinjiang Zhenwei, Xi'an Zhenwei, Chengdu Zhenwei, and Beijing ZHRShows.

Each year, we host and organize nearly 100 international professional exhibitions and large-scale events in China, the US, Germany, France, Russia, Canada, Brazil, Indonesia and other parts of the world, involving oil and gas, petrochemical, mining, coal, chemical, biotechnology, marine engineering, newenergy, electronic, battery, super capacitor, charging facility, equipment manufacturing, industrial automation, robotics, engineering machinery, intelligent equipment, smart agriculture, environmental protection, buildingenergy conservation, heating, high-end consumer goods, health care products, imported Food, imported maternal and child products and other fields.

Exhibition Platform
Value Linkage
Resource Integration
Efficient exchange &
trading platform
Rich data resources
Supported by government
and industry authoritaties  
Powerful resource
Best branding channel
Industry research report
Resource Integration, Creating Value
Zhenwei Memorabilia
Zhenwei Exhibition was established in Guangzhou.
CIPPE, the world's largest oil show, was born in Beijing.

Joining UFI.

China's Top10 Most Influential
Exhibition Company.
China's Top10 Best Exhibition
Vice President of China Convention/Exhibition/Event Society.
The most growth company in
China's exhibition industry.
Zhenwei Exhibition Mansion was completed.
Vice President of China
Chamber of International
Commerce Exhibition
Successfully landed on the new three
board (834616).
Established AEIE, China's first
mixed-ownership company
in the exhibition industry.
Premier Li Keqiang visited Zhenwei
Exhibition Headquarters.
Premier Li Keqiang visited Canada,
and Chairman Zhang Xueshan
followed up and laid out overseas
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